Do you want to find the latest tobacco control research?

We've found a range of links that can help you discover what works and what doesn't to prevent young people from taking up smoking, promote and support quitting and reduce exposure to second-hand smoke. We've also identified some links to research and evaluation tools, as well as other research sites.

The Quit Group

Includes fact sheets and reports on:

  • Quitline evaluations
  • Profiles of people who use the Quitline (e.g. Māori, Pacific, Youth, Pregnant Women)
  • Social research about cessation, and
  • Quit Group campaign evaluations.


HSC (Health Sponsorship Council)

Includes fact sheets and reports on:

  • Public attitudes and behaviours around smoking (from the Health and Lifestyles Survey)
  • Youth attitudes and behaviours around smoking (from the Year 10 In-depth Survey)
  • HSC campaign evaluations (e.g. Smoking Not Our Future).


Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

Includes reports on the ASH Year 10 Snapshot Survey.


The Tobacco Control Unit at the Wellington School of Medicine Public Health Department, Otago University

Includes journal publications and reports on:

  • Evaluations of policy interventions for tobacco control
  • Environmental influences on smoking
  • Health inequalities
  • Second-hand smoke impact and control
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Investigations of policy formation


Addiction Research at the Clinical Trials Research Unit, University of Auckland

For research reports on clinical trials of cessation interventions including community-based and pharmacological interventions. 


Whakauae Research Services - Research for Māori Health and Development

Includes research publications on policy, health services research, evaluation, and primary prevention for tobacco control.

The Ministry of Health

For research reports and fact sheets from national surveillance and monitoring of tobacco use, including the New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey and the New Zealand arm of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey, and other commissioned research such as analyses of roll-your-own tobacco.


The Cancer Society Social and Behavioural Research Unit, Preventive and Social Medicine, Dunedin School of Medicine, Otago University

For journal articles, theses, conference presentations, and reports on youth smoking.


Centre for Tobacco Control Research, University of Auckland

The Centre for Tobacco Control Research (CTCR) is dedicated to tobacco control research in New Zealand that:

  • strengthens tobacco control research capacity and expertise particularly for Māori and Pacific communities
  • conducts relevant research to establish which interventions are the most effective for reducing  the harm caused by tobacco
  • disseminates research and shares information at appropriate hui and fora
  • supports the implementation of the tobacco control research strategy.


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